Alpha Chandigarh Hospital provides latest & updated Dental & Eye care services under one roof by most experienced Dental & Eye Specialist following advanced & Recent techniques with reasonable & competitive rates. The two specialities are in the name of

Dr Duggal’s Dental, Implant & Laser Centre

Dr Sood’s Eye & Laser Centre

Our Senior Doctors

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  • Dental Services

  • 1. Laser Dental

    Soft tissue surgeries for stictchless,

    blood less and antisepsis

  • 2. OPG

    Gives a panoramic view of the full

    mouth xray in one go

  • 3. Piezomatic Surgical

    For atraumatic extraction, single sitting sinus

    lift ( intralift) plus implant placement

  • 4. RVG

    Instant enlarged, images with

    minimal exposure

  • Eye Services

  • 1. Autorefraction

    Spectacle testing by automatic machine.

  • 2. Autokeratometry

    Measuring of cornreal curvature for Cataract

    surgery and for contact lens fitting.

  • 3. Biometry

    Axial length measurement of the eye

    and for IOL power determination

  • 4. Autolensometer

    Calculation of power of used spectacles

    by automatic machine.

Our Motto

Our motto is to provide ethical, comprehensive & top on the line Dental & Eye care services & facilities which are affordable & economical to all the strata of the society sothat they go back home with smile and satisfaction. Doctor profession is a occupation of trust & faith and we as specialist here in this Centre take care sincerely and honestly that the patient trust is not belied at any cost.