Dental Care Services

Since time is the most precious and commuting is becoming difficult quick disosal with minimum sitting under one roof and in a safe experienced hand is done here since many decades

Laser Dental – Soft tissue surgeries for stictchless, blood less and antisepsis maintained

Piezomatic surgical – For atraumatic extraction, single sitting sinus lift ( intralift) plus implant placement, removal of fractured endodontic instruments, preserves teeth with perfect ultrasonic vibrations and for biofilm destruction

OPG – Gives a panoramic view of the full mouth xray in one go

RVG – Instant enlarged, images with minimal exposure

Single visit Root Canal – With the latest rotary method and advanced laser and irrigation system even teeth with sinuses and pus disacharge can be treated in one sitting

Root canal re treatment – Latest Pizomatic technology and laser can help re treat RCts

Implants – Immediate implants, immediate loading implants and all other types of implants are available, single stage sinus lift and implant placement is done

Total Rehabilitation – Multi pronged treatment for mouth full of fractured carious, exposed, periodontal damaged can all be treated with maximum preservation of natural teeth in minimal time

Orthodontics – All sorts of malocclusion can be treated with fixed and removal orthodontics, invisalign therapy are also available

Oro-Dental Surgery – Impactions, opurculectomy, Phrenectomy and sinus healing, flap surgeries are done with the help of lasers and pizomatic

Full and Partial Dentures – Removal partial dentures vis a vis flexible dentures, cast partial dentures, metal complete dentures, implant dependent,

Crown and Bridge prosthetics – fixed dentures, metal free and metal based dentures done with cad cam technique

Smile Reconstruction – single sitting smile reconstruction can be done with the help of advanced and best led lights and composite resins available

Veneers – Two sitting smile reconstruction with zirconium veneers can also be done

Picasso Dental Soft Tissue Lazer

 UV Chamber




X-Ray Machine